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Who are we?

European Top Models is one of the fastest growing model agencies of the last decade. With more than 25 departments worldwide and over 45 years of experience European Top Models can be considered as one of the marker leaders in the world of modeling, publicity, showbiz, productions, photography and entertainment.

For you, as a model

European Top Models is the only agency who travels around the world to meet their models in person. Our departments all over the world are operated by experienced and highly qualified people who guide you as a person to become a top model.

For you, as a company

The most important issue to promote your company is to find the right partner that brings you the best publicity.

Our international male- and female models are far above the average, all scouted and selected by our professional teams of worldwide departments.

Whether you are looking for a fashion or lingerie model, male- or female, full body or face shots, European Top Models can introduce you to the model you need. Our ETM models can be booked all over the world for photoshoots campaigns, commercials, magazines, catwalk, …

What do we offer?

For you, as a model

At European Top Models we will teach you how to walk perfect on the catwalk, taught by excellent choreographers, these lessons are offered by European Top Models and are free for all our models.

For you, as a company

For your company European Top Models can organize a complete Fashion Show. We not only bring you the models, but also the stage, sound, lighting, .. we make your show a top of the line event.

European Top Models: Your partner for the best models and greatest publicity!

You will not only have the models at your service, but also a huge range of photographers, make-up artists and stylists as well as our design department.

Contact us... and you'll see that together we will make the difference!

Where are we?

European Top Models started in Belgium in 1968. Now we are located all over the world in more than 25 countries. Some of the countries we operate in: France, Italy, United Kingdom, Maldives, Malta and many more!

Departments all over the world are ran by highly qualified national directors and their teams.

A selection of our models

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